It’s Up To You

The greatest investment you can make in your life is purchasing a health journal.

It’s not a big house.

Not a luxury car.

Nor, a vacation.

The biggest lesson I’ve witnessed in my 27 year career as a healthcare provider is that money never guarantees a long life span.

I’ve had millionaire clients whose biggest regret towards the end of their life is that they never focused on their health. Their focus was moving up the career ladder and getting rich.

Can you imagine having that realization ?

The depressing regret that the bags of money that they made can’t be enjoyed because they’re suffering.

I’ve lost several clients to cancer because it was caught too late and the reason was “this pain will eventually go away”.

It’s how hard-charging, successful people get through life.

They focus their life on achievements and not what their body is telling them to do.

Can you relate ?

Are you working too hard and don’t know how to balance your work life while keeping yourself healthy ?

Buy yourself a health journal. Drop your phone and grab and pen. Document how you’re feeling and what issues you’re currently having with your physical body.

Buy actually writing you are allowing yourself to purge your thoughts because we are beings who live in our heads. It’s so freeing to document a physical ailment because as you keep writing, you will see a pattern. By noticing a pattern, you might be motivated to do something about it.

Journaling and documentation also helps your medical team. You have real life data of your symptoms and how it is affecting your life. You have proof and you can voice your concerns with confidence. Your confidence during the appointment will be felt by your health care provider (hopefully) who can request further investigation into your medical issue.

What I can tell you from experience is that it is 100% up to you to be honest. And by that I mean you don’t sugarcoat your symptoms. You really tell the provider how your symptoms are affecting your life on a daily basis.

I hope this helps.