Hello world!

This is my attempt to share with the world my story about overcoming ovarian and endometrial cancer in 2020.

I was diagnosed in May 2020 and started my first chemotherapy treatment in June. Never in my life did I think I was going to be a cancer patient in my 40’s. During a pandemic no less !

In this blog I’m going to share chemotherapy hacks, what to expect after surgery, how to deal with your family and friends who are watching you go through chemotherapy, how to communicate with your oncology team, and basically how you will become a much stronger person before you got diagnosed.

I hope to reach women who are looking for real information about GYN cancer as well as what might happen during chemotherapy. I know when I was sick, I had a hard time finding a website with good information from a ovarian cancer survivor.

Here we go. Let’s get to it.